The Honey Price Calculator

About the Honey Price Calculator

If you are a small operator and sell all of your honey in individual jars you might not realize how the recent increases in the wholesale price of honey has affected you. You may actually be selling your honey for less money per pound than you could bulk in a barrel or jug.

I designed the below spreadsheet to try and get a hold on this information. I set it up so that I could enter the wholesale price of honey and the cost of all items related to producing a jar of honey and the spreadsheet will calculate the sale price.

I also built in the option to add a fixed % cost adder for the effort of bottling, labeling and handling as well as a % adder for "chunk honey".

 To use the calculator (read before you download)

To use the calculator, first you populate cells A3 through M8 with your fixed cost for items like labels, jars and lids. I have these cells populated so you need to replace my numbers with your actual costs. You can do that by simply typing over the existing information. Or you can select the cells one at a time or as a group and use "Edit / Clear" command. Be careful where the cursor is when you clear as the formulas are not locked and can be changed or removed. There are no formulas in cells A3 through M8. You can always come back to and get a new start if you mess your copy up!

You then enter the current wholesale price for honey in cell M10.

You then enter the % profit you want to add in cell M12, use whole numbers (for 10% you enter 10 not 0.10). The spreadsheet will add this % profit to your total cost of a jar of honey.

You then add the % cost adder you wish to charge for "chunk" honey in cell M13 again in whole numbers. Chunk honey is a chunk(s) of comb honey in a jar with strained honey poured over it.

If you do not wish to add any profit over your cost and the wholesale honey price, leave that cell (M12) blank. If you do not wish to add additional cost for "Chunk" honey, leave that cell (M13) blank.

Once you populate your fixed cost, you can change the wholesale price for honey and hit enter and the new prices will be calculated near instantly. You can do the same for profit and chunk comb adder.

If you down load the program as it is written any cell that I felt might be confusing as to what data or data format you are to insert, I have added drop down menus to those cells to help guide you.

There could well be errors so be careful and make sure the answers are logical the first time you use a given item. If you find any errors or have problems using this spread sheet send me an email ( explaining your problem and I will take a look at it and or try and help. If you use a super fancy message title or your email address is too clever, my SPAM filter may intercept it, so if you don’t hear from me give it a second try.

You are free to copy and or change, as you desire. I make no claim for accuracy, as is, or as changed by any user. Use at your own risk. Neither nor I will be responsible for any errors or losses incurred through the use of or misuse of this spreadsheet.

Several of the formulas use "absolute referencing" so copying and pasting may cause errors. For example all references to the price of honey are likely absolute. If this causes errors, simply change the cell references to "relative referencing".


Bob Fanning

Click here to download the file.